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Quality Control

The proper quality control of CNC parts will avoid defective products, minimize risks, ensure dimensional accuracy and quality, save resources, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. This is good for both manufacturers and customers.

Here are our procedures of quality control :

◆ Incoming materials: Will send incoming material to inspection agent for testing its authenticity. If the composition of this raw material were variable from required standard, we would return this material to the material supplier and re-purchase the new one. If the composition conform to the quality standard, we will accept it and store in the warehouse.

◆ Product inspection allows us to verify quality at different stages of the production process.Inspection involves measuring, examining, testing, or gauging characteristics of the product and comparing the results against specific requirements. By inspecting raw materials and components pre- and post-production, as well as partially produced parts, we can depict potential defects more efficiently, saving time and money.This ensures the processes used to design, test, and produce products is done correctly, and in accordance with regulatory and statutory standards. Furthermore, with more data over time,our plant can continually improve processes.

◆ Traceability has become a critical requirement for us to gain greater control over product and process quality.

A quality management system  allows us to better trace all of the activities involved in the production process to:

● Provide timely reporting
● Track supplier performance
● Troubleshoot quality problems
● Predict patterns
● Improve production scheduling
● Increase customer service levels

In turn, this provides manufacturers the means to create a long-lasting quality control program that eliminates downtime and defects, as well as waste and rework.

Depending on our completed quality control system, our CNC machined parts have won high praise from our client. We are looking forward to cooperate with more and more clients from all over the world and both of us can  get win-win result. 

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