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          China CNC Turned and Milled Part Factory

          SJ has more than 10 years experience for manufacturing CNC Turned and Milled Part and milled part for automotive, hydraulic products, automated machines. We have cooperated with many customers such as DC SHOES, ESSC, XIAOMI, ZTE, BOSCHE etc. Not only we accept sample orders, but also mass production orders can be accepted.

          CNC Turned and Milled Part and turning machines are characterized by their ability to rotate (turn) materials during the machining operation. The cutting tools for these machines are fed in a linear motion along the rotating bar stock; removing material around the circumstance until the desired diameter (and feature) is achieved. A subset of CNC lathes are CNC Swiss lathes (which are the type of machines Pioneer Service operates). With CNCSwiss lathes, the bar of material rotates and slides axially through a guide bushing (a holding mechanism) into the machine. This provides much better support for the material as the tooling machines the part features (resulting in better/tighter tolerances).

          CNC Turned and Milled Part and turning machines can create internal and external features on the component: drilled holes, bores, broaches, reamed holes, slots, tapping, tapers and threads. Components made on CNC lathes and turning centers include screws, bolts, shafts, poppets, etc.

          With more than 80 advanced machines including CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines and grinding machines, SJ can provide high quality turned and milled products manufacturing with the material of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, POM, PET etc. All products are conform to client’s quality standard. We are looking forward to cooperate with more and more clients from all over the world.

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          SJ is one of the professional CNC Turned and Milled Part manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are all made in China, cheap and discounted. Welcome to customized low price CNC Turned and Milled Part from our factory, we can provide customers with 1 year warranty service.