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            Die Cast Part

            SENJING is a China manufacturer and supplier for die cast mould and die cast part including automotive , electronics,lighting, medical etc. The materials which we used are Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, copper, brass etc. With advanced machines andskilled employees, our die cast parts are conform to SGS,ROHS and client’s specifications,our factory accept sample orders and mass production orders of die cast parts.

            Many industries rely on die cast parts. People have used die cast metal processes to create products for over 7000 years.In more recent times,die casting has continued to be a critical element in the manufacturing process for a vast array of aluminum,zinc and magnesium components, parts, and products.

            Our die cast parts are used in following industries------

            1. Automotive: Die casting has revolutionized the automotive world,helping to create high-quality,lightweight components. In turn, manufacturers can now meet industry requirements without compromising the quality and efficiency of engines.Die cast parts help reduce the weight of automobiles, thus minimizing fuel emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency. The production of eco-friendly parts will steer the growth of these market trends.

            2. Electronics: The rapid pace of innovation in the consumer electronics industry requires a constant supply of flexible, light, heat resistant, and highly durable precision parts. The electronics industry incorporates die cast components in everything from 5G base-station housings to smart phones to drones to personal computers and home appliances.

            3. Lighting: Lighting die casting results in aluminum lights that are non-toxic and lightweight.They are also non-corrosive and well-suited for outdoor use. SENJING aluminum die casting services for LED lighting industrial parts are applied in several leading markets.We meet customers demands for high-quality demands ranging from Housing for heat sink, Housing for outdoor lighting . We take pride in our ability to reduce the manufacturing and tooling costs.

            4. Medical : Die cast parts are used to manufacture complex medical devices such as ultrasound systems, pacemakers,dialysis equipment, medical robots, monitoring devices, and hospital bed gearboxes.

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            SJ is one of the professional Die Cast Part manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are all made in China, cheap and discounted. Welcome to customized low price Die Cast Part from our factory, we can provide customers with 1 year warranty service.
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