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            Milling Service For Printer Part
            • Milling Service For Printer PartMilling Service For Printer Part

            Milling Service For Printer Part

            SJ as one of the professional China Milling Service For Printer Part manufacturers and China factory, we are strong strength and complete management. SJ is a China supplier for valve spool with high precision tolerance. With many advanced machines, our technician team accumulated professional processing experience in valve spool. We would like to give you a brief introduction for milling service for valve spool.

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            Product Description

            Hot Selling Milling Service For Printer Part. SJ is a Milling Service For Printer Part manufacturer and supplier in China. Our factory can provide milling service for valve spool according to the specification of the parts. Sample orders can be accepted as well as bulk orders. After finished milling service, some parts need grinding and we have the latest grinding machine from Germany. In our factory, all processing procedures can be finished in house and deliver the parts to our clients timely and safely.

            Product parameter (Specification) of Milling service for Valve Spool:  

            Material   SS304,SS306,SS316,AL2024,AL7075,AL6061,AL6063,C3600,C3771
            Surface treatment Anodized, Hard anodized, Oil painted, Galvanized, Nickel plating
            Packaging Neutral packing, blister and bubble plastic bag, or custom packaging
            Lead time 7-10 days for sample orders, 15-25 days for mass production orders.
            Payment terms By T/T, By Paypal, By Western Union.
            Processing machines Lathe machine, Milling machine, CNC machining center, Grinder

            Pictures of Our Workshops(Lathe, Auto-lathe, CNC machining center) 


            1.Q: What is the difference between electropolishing and mechanical polishing? 
            A: Electropolishing is an electrochemical process while mechanical polishing is a mechanical process. Electropolishing is a surface treatment that can improve surface finish as it dissolves material from the surface.Mechanical polishing, like machining, alters a surface by cutting material away from the surface. Electropolishing can improve a surface finish on a microscopic level while mechanical polishing can improve a surface finish on a macroscopic level. 

            2.Q: What benefits does 5-axis CNC Machining have?
            1. Complex Shapes
            The major (and most well-known) advantage of five-axis machining is ability to machine complex shapes. The additional movement creates machining angles and arcs that were only previously possible with a multitude of special fixtures or additional setups.
            2. Fewer Setups
            Five-axis machines can machine nearly every visible surface, excluding the bottom or clamping area. This breadth of ability significantly reduces the need for multiple setups or special fixtures. Of course, another big benefit of fewer (or ideally one) setup is…
            3. Relational Accuracy
            Imprecision finds a way to seep in with every setup change. Once a part comes out of the machine, precise alignment is lost. By using the same “zero” or “home” location, feature-to-feature accuracy is improved.
            4. 3+2 Axis Machining
            There are parts that can only be machined with simultaneous 5-axis movement. Then there are parts that are more efficiently machined with 3+2 movement.
            In 3+2 machining, the fourth and fifth axes are used to locate the work piece (or cutting tool, depending on the type of machine) in a fixed position. In these scenarios, there is no need for all five-axes to move simultaneously.
            The same tool paths could have been achieved in a three-axis machine, but only after loading and unloading between multiple setups, fixtures, or machines. The five axis machine increases uptime, decreases human error, and eliminates the need for special fixtures. For parts with features or holes on multiple faces or angles, 3+2 machining is the clear choice.
            5. Better Surface Finish
            Using the rotating fourth and fifth axes, the part can be orientated to bring it closer to the cutting tool. If the part can get closer to the cutting tool, then the cutting tool can be shorter. A shorter cutting tool is less susceptible to vibration at higher cutting speeds, which directly impacts surface finish.

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