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What is the role of non-standard parts processing?


What is the role of non-standard parts processing do you know? In fact, in the industry, this is still relatively common, but for some laypeople, may not be familiar with, but learn to use people will not necessarily know what his role is, this is still to understand you, of course, in the process of your work will gradually know some, So let's have a look at the role of non-standard parts processing what it is!

The non-standard parts processing center is a high-efficiency, high-precision CNC machine tool, the workpiece in a clamping can complete the processing of multiple processes, but also has a tool library, and automatic tool work. Non-standard parts processing center can complete three axis or more than three axis linkage control, to ensure that the tool for messy appearance processing. In addition to the function of linear interpolation and arc interpolation, non-standard parts processing center also has various processing fixed cycle, automatic compensation of tool radius, automatic compensation of tool length, graphic display of processing process, man-machine dialogue, automatic fault diagnosis, offline programming and so on.

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