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Four characteristics of CNC Machined Part


CNC machining usually refers to CNC precision machining, CNC machining lathe, CNC machining milling machine, CNC machining boring milling machine, etc.

Features of CNC processing of Shenzhen industrial prototype:

1. High degree of automation and high production efficiency. Except for blank clamping, all other processing procedures can be completed by CNC machine tools. If the automatic loading and unloading mode is combined, it is a basic part of the unmanned factory. CNC processing reduces the labor of the operator, improves the working conditions, eliminates the marking, multiple clamping and positioning, detection and other processes and auxiliary operations, and effectively improves the production efficiency.

2. Adaptability to CNC machining objects. When changing the processing object, in addition to changing the tool and solving the blank clamping method, only reprogramming is required without other complex adjustments, which shortens the production preparation cycle.

3. The processing precision is high, the quality is stable, and the processing dimension precision is between d0.005-0.01mm, which is not affected by the complexity of the parts. Because most operations are automatically completed by the machine, the size of batch parts is improved, and the position detection device is also used on the precision controlled machine tool, which further improves the precision of precision CNC processing.

4. CNC machining has two main characteristics: first, it can greatly improve the machining accuracy, including the machining quality accuracy and the machining time error accuracy; The second is the repeatability of processing quality, which can stabilize the processing quality and maintain the quality of processed parts.
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