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Purposes of CNC lathes


CNC lathes are computer-controlled machines used for precision machining of various materials, such as metals, plastics, and composites. CNC lathes serve several purposes in manufacturing processes, including:

1、Turning: The primary purpose of a CNC lathe is to perform turning operations on a workpiece. Turning involves rotating the workpiece while cutting tools remove material to create a cylindrical shape or other geometric features, such as grooves, threads, and chamfers. CNC lathes can perform turning operations with high accuracy and precision, often within tolerances of a few microns.

2、Boring: CNC lathes can also perform boring operations, which involve enlarging an existing hole or creating a new one in a workpiece. Boring tools can be used to create precise, concentric holes with smooth finishes.

3、Drilling: CNC lathes can also perform drilling operations to create holes in a workpiece. Drilling tools can be used to create precise, deep holes with accurate diameters.

4、Tapping: CNC lathes can perform tapping operations to create internal threads in a workpiece. Tapping tools can be used to create threads with precise pitches and diameters.

5、Knurling: CNC lathes can also perform knurling operations to create a pattern of small, raised ridges on the surface of a workpiece. Knurling can improve the grip and appearance of parts such as handles and knobs.

6、Facing: CNC lathes can perform facing operations to create a flat surface on the end of a workpiece. Facing tools can be used to create smooth, flat surfaces with accurate dimensions.

Overall, CNC lathes are versatile machines that serve multiple purposes in precision manufacturing processes. They offer high accuracy, precision, and repeatability, making them an essential tool for producing complex parts and components in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. SJ will have enough lathes to provide you with precision service.

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